Full service. Crew-, studio- and equipment-rental, copying, encoding, programming and professional mastering.


Studio technology

Networking with the Mediaquarter Marx you will find the most modern studio technology fit for multi-camera situations. Already, live broadcasts were produced here with up to seven cameras. Because of our connection to the Viennese fiber-optical network, we are able, in most cases, to go on air without the need for a satellite uplink.

Mobile technology

We own camera equipment sets for Sony PDW-F800 and Sony DVW970WSP,  Sony FS7, XPW Z-150, NEX VG10E, Gopro and Canon 5D. Of course we can also produce on 16 and 35mm in cooperation with professional rental companies.




Together with On-Media we run 4 AVID Symphony editing suits connected with an Isis 5000 central server and a small sound studio in the Media Quarter Marx..

Visual Effects

Visual effects are used to improve material and achieve certain effects, which could not or only very awkwardly be achieved by regular means.vfx in movies should appear real to keep up the illusion of the story for the viewer. Good visual effects should not be recognizable as such by the audience. We cooperate with specialized partners.

Blueray, DVD & Copies

We have a track record of ten years of professional dvd authoring. Meanwhile more than 40 dvd’s mastered by us are available in international stores. We are experienced in multi-lingual solutions (different languages and subtitles).

As providers we also assist in professional and amateur cross-format copying, for single as well as massive numbers.




The Palace at the Mediaquarter Marx is a 300m² and 11m high fully-airconditioned recording studio. A hydraulic lighting rack as well as retractable rounded horizons  guarantee quick and flexible use of blue- and greenbox. Via direct connections to the editing suits and the central operating room, we can provide quick and uncomlicated use of recording and inserting technology.

The Palace can also be used as an event location hosting up to 340 people.


We have the possibility to rent different studios matched to your requirements.



Comenius EduMedia Award 2018

    Comenius EduMedia Seal & Medal for "Heimito und die Doderers"

Grand Prix Victoria 2006

    Victoria in Silber für "the ghost.movie"

New York Festival 2005

    Silver Award für "the ghost.movie"

Köln Animago Award 2005

    1st place for "the ghost.movie"

Saturn 2005

    Silver for "the ghost.movie"

Budapest Prince Award 2004

    Gold for "the ghost.movie"

ITVA-Festival 2004

    Silver for "the ghost.movie"

Austrian state award nomination 2001

    for "So KURIERen Sie den Sonntagsblues"

Austrian state award nomination 1999

    for "Der Teufel schläft nicht"

ITVA-Festival 1999

    State-of-the-Art-Award for "Der Teufel schläft nicht"

Corporate Video & TV 1999

    Diplom for High Standard for "Der Teufel schläft nicht"

Corporate Video & TV 1997

    Diplom for high standards für "ISI - Compact Energy"

Corporate Video & TV 1996

    Award of Master for "VJV - Nichts passiert"

ITVA-Festival 1996

    Silver ITVA-Pyramid for "VJV - Nichts passiert"

C.I.F.F.T. International 1996

    Most successful Austrian tourism film for "Mühlviertel - ein seltsames Land"

Festival al International Filmului Touristic si Industrial Romania 1995

    1st place for "Mühlviertel - ein seltsames Land"

Corporate Video & TV 1994

    Award of Master for "Heli-Skiing in Kanada"

Corporate Video & TV 1994

    Diplom for high standards for "Kopf-Bahnhöfe"

Corporate Video & TV 1993

    Master of Excellence for "Sie haben nichts"

Corporate Video & TV 1993

    Diplom for high standards for "KunstHausWien"